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Individualized service and support of our clients are of paramount importance to us.  We offer custom-tailored financial solutions designed to meet your financial goals.  Your objectives matter most.  Whatever life event you are experiencing, we have seen it many times.  If you are just starting out, you may need help developing a plan to manage debts, create savings, investments, and insurance solutions.  If you are nearing retirement, you will be surprised at the change from collecting a paycheque to managing multiple sources of income from CPP (Canada Pension Plan) & OAS (Old Age Security), hopefully a pension, retirement savings plan's, tax free savings accounts, and investments. There is an art to balancing these factors to minimize taxation and clawbacks.  Bring us your canvas and let us paint your retirement picture!

We act independently from banks and other financial service providers.  The only courses of action we will pursue are ones that are well-suited to the individual goals of the customer.


Our Process

                                       is to work closely with a select group of clients who value our advice achieve their goals and want to become informed, knowledgeable partners in their financial lives.  When it comes to investing, trust is very important, this is why we place particular value on personal relationships with our clients.

Personal Service & Support


                                              into your future is intended to give you easy access to information and financial calculators developed by our investment & insurance partners.  Information can be very helpful, but it can also be overwhelming.  This is where our skills and experience can benefit you.

Our Goal

When it comes to your finances, discretion and reliability are a priority.  At Baker & Edwards Financial, we work independently and are not influenced by any obligations to banks or other financial service providers.  We help define your financial goals and create a path for your to achieve them.  Our decisions to invest your money are based on qualitative and long return-oriented criteria — evaluating the impact of every decision on your specific goals.

Our Philosophy

Our advisors and employees undergo continuing education to maintain a high level of competence in their respective areas of expertise in order to achieve the industry's highest standards.